Holding Hands Up High

Greetings Buddy!


About My Buddy 1OV3

Our Mission

As a 501(C)(3) company, MBL’s mission is to eradicate suicides around the world, by building strong buddy networks. Simply having a buddy in our corners goes a long way towards mental stability. That friend to listen, that leader to uplift, or that peer to empathize with can change one’s outlook on life. No more being alone during dark times, stuck in our own heads. MBL is all about breaking down the fear of reaching out. The barrier that hinders our comrades from obtaining the help they need in a timely manner.  By the year 2025, we have 2 objectives. First, bring suicide rates among veterans down from 19-22 a day, to 13 or less. The second is to increase awareness of this blight that plagues our servicemembers. Everyone deserves a buddy in their corner!


What We Offer

Several Options

Group Therapy

Small group health

A Great Option

Our Peer-to-Peer Groups provide the kind of comprehensive support you seek as you navigate your challenges. Our Mental Health Support Group wants you to feel comfortable and at ease, so let us know what’s on your mind by getting in touch.

Group Discussion

Community Forums

Community health

Community Forums are a great option for all kinds of individuals, but it all depends on what you’re comfortable with. Our only goal at My Buddy 1OV3 is to make you feel safe and supported, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


1 on 1 listening

Just need a Buddy

We always offer 1 on1 phone calls either through the My Buddy 1OV3 app or schedule an appointment here!


We're all in this together

Your donation can help tremendously.

We are tired of losing our hero's to suicide and we hope you are too. 

My Buddy 1ov3 was created with the intention of eradicating suicides in the veteran community.

 Through our mobile app, we have started to create a Buddy system like no other. A buddy system that can supply every veteran with someone to speak with whenever they need someone to listen.

With your donation, we will be able to bring in more buddies for our vets to speak with. We will accomplish this by hosting more events in different cities, promoting across more platforms, and delivering more promotional items to our veterans to remind them that they have people in their corner.  


Helpful Resources

Articles, Documents & Links

Learning to Cope

Dealing with the day-to-day grind is difficult enough. Don't let yourself fall into a depressed state by holding it all in and not speaking with anyone. A random Buddy to speak with can go a long way. We're all in this together and your buddies have your back!

Holding Hands Up High

Do Buddies report to any agency

Only in the most extreme cases of suicide or wanting to act on hurting or killing others. Besides that, your buddies are here to listen and get the steam out of your head. Let it all out!

Youth Counseling

The Importance of Human Connection

Being a hermit is cool to an extent, but even they need someone to speak with here and there. We're all humans and need that interaction from time to time. Someone to just listen and let us get all of our frustration out.

Supportive Friend

MB1 Presents: The heart to heart Podcast

Available on all listening platforms

Listen to others speak on some of their happiest moments of life and how they endure the tough times!